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Fun Classes and 'Play"- shops I lead

I call these experiences "fun" and "play" because they are, "Workshops" feels much too serious!

Each of these events are unique and can be designed around your specific needs.  I can create a custom experience designed for your event, family gathering or party and I am happy to work with any number of participants.  Please send me an email with inquiries and we will make your event happen!

"Play" shops and Fun Classes: Team
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Floral Design classes

I love to teach people how to play with flowers.  I have taught everything from large conferences for floral professionals at Florabundance Design Days to small intimate gatherings for private parties.  After one afternoon my students go home with arrangements that look like seasoned professionals have made them. Guaranteed fun and a great twist of the traditional bridesmaids, birthday, or Mother's day party,

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Drum Making Adventure

In this experience you and your group will create your own frame drum from scratch complete with drum stick.  You will pick from a variety of animal skins and spend the day making this sacred tool.  We will start with a ceremony and bring a playful reverence to our birthing process.  You will finish the day with completed drum and drum stick.  It will need a few days to dry before it can be used or decorated.  This can be your next "funshop" with me!


Embellish your Drum

Once you have your drum, either made with me or not we will embark on a ceremonial dream journey to connect with the spirit of your drum.  In this journey you will learn how to add to it's medicine.  After out journey we will joyfully spend the rest of the day decorating and playing with our drums.


Masks as an expression of the Self

Through a visualization/meditation you will be invited to see what parts of you that would like to be expressed in a physical way.  These could be aspects of your self that remind you of your strengths or vulnerability.  They could also be parts of you that are in need of strengthening or maybe just being seen.  They could also be parts of your self that need to come out from the shadow and be expressed in a safe way.  You will experience through sacred theatre taking on these aspects and then allowing them to be taken off, reminding you that you are the captain of your ship.

Create your Ceremonial Staff

Through a visualization/meditation you will be invited to investigate aspects of your Self that would like to be materialized in the form of a staff.  These staffs can be used as walking sticks, ceremonial staffs for helping to embody needed parts of the Self or sacred objects of art to remind you of your strengths, healing and beauty.

Medicine Mandalas

Through a visualization/meditation you will be invited to connect with your Spirit help where you may choose to ask for a vision of what your shield or Mandella needs to embody for you at this time.  Then we collectively set an intention to create this sacred expression of what you were shown.  These will be gorgeous reminders of your strengths and most importantly that you are never alone!  We will not be using animal hides but instead Willow hoops with paper and a variety of embelishments

"Play" shops and Fun Classes: Team
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