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Tricia Saroya

I am a creatrix...  I like that term as it feels very out of the box, like me.  Simply put I create beauty, it is what I came here to do.  I believe when we are joyful and delighted we are filled with the light and love of our creator.

The menu above shows many of the goodies I offer. 

However, below is a brief list,

I offer intuitive sessions of connecting with your divine creative inner child

I am a fine artist offering

   animal paintings 

   pet portraits

   Intuitive personal spiritual paintings

I offer classes and workshops on a variety of subjects including,

Tapping into your creativity

Making drums, masks, staffs and many other items


I also offer my services in



Photo shoot designing

Image consulting

Wardrobe consulting

The Essence of God is love

Creativity is the expression of this love

Magic is the flow of creativity

Beauty is creativity and magic made manifest

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