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My Gypsy Wagon home

A couple years ago I went through a fairly big life changing event.  You probably know the type I mean...  it was the kind that brings you to your knees and makes you question the very bones of who you think you are.   I was in such a precarious state that it would have been very challenging for me to hold down a full time job without the men in the white coats coming for me.   So instead I liquidated my business and seriously downsized.  Now as I am a woman that likes "more" and is passionate about my life treasures I didn't get rid of everything. I just lovingly boxed up most of it and put it in deep storage (translate, a broken down old shed on a friend's farm).  I only kept out the items most precious to me that brought me comfort.  Now my treasures and I were now quite desperate to find a place to land. At that moment I didn't have much money (due to said life changing event) and it was going to take time to liquidate my prop business so I didn't have many options in the way of a place to live.  I was divinely guided to an old 35' fifth wheel trailer that was destined for the chain saw and then the dump.  I am able to say "divinely" now, at the time I thought maybe the devil had more to do with the guidance than the angels!  I started to cry as I realized this was what I was going to have to work with...  It was falling apart, moldy, leakly full of holes and currently functioning as high density housing for rodents of every size and description (and thus pretty stinky).  Well I blew my nose, put on my big girl panties (Depends) and with the help of a dear friend that had much handy man knowledge got to work transforming it into the sacred Gypsy Wagon cocoon that I now call my home.  Another dear friend had an orchard where I could park it for an affordable price but there was no infrastructure at all.  So I also put on my big girl work-pants, grabbed a shovel and dug hundreds of feet of trenches to lay plumbing and wiring.  It was quite an adventure, one that showed me what I was made of and became an integral part of my healing process.  Though my beautiful gypsy lady is old and slowly disintegrating into the ground she is my old gypsy lady and incredibly beautiful to me.  Even when she has to put her "shower cap" on when it rains.  Outside there is a tiny garden and some living areas.  My tiny vardo wagon is there...  where I write and dream.  Inside, my home is filled with all manor of my magical things...  books, my two kitties, gypsy skirts, treasured trinkets and of corse tea...  lots of tea!  The walls are covered with my paintings and creations, gifts from friends, sacred symbols and tons of quotes to keep me going when I get down.  She is truly a beautiful healing cocoon and I love her!   Below are some photos, enjoy!

the gypsy camp
my little vardo
road sign of fantasy lands
outside front door
the vardo
front door
living room
living area
imagination station
quotes on the wall
my tea cabinet
my nest
IMG_1900 copy.jpg
Trailer 19.jpg
trailer 30.jpg
Trailer 23.jpg
Trailer 22.jpg
trailer 18.jpg
My Gypsy Wagon home: Gallery
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