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The Animal Paintings

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I have always had a deep love for animals and a passionate love of color so it was natural to combine these in my paintings.  I also have a powerful connection to Spirit and spiritual practices. I felt called to paint very personal and up close portraits of these beautiful animals, capturing their personalities.  Each art piece holds a bit of Soul for me, the canvases feel infused with the energy of these beings. I paint the eyes first and find that they have a presence and communicate with me as I paint the rest of them.  Frequently an animal will come to me in my dreams asking to be painted. Sometimes they have a personal message for me but often they are just coming through me, waiting for the person that is meant to find them. I treat each one as Spiritual objects, portals of sort.  These paintings feel very precious to me, speaking in the language of the dreamtime and the soul. My greatest wish is that you find the one meant for you and through them deepen your own connection to Nature and the beauty and magic of Spirit.
Tricia Saroya

Eagle 3'x4' copy.JPG
Fierce Jaguar, sold.jpg
Mtn Lion _Power_ sold.jpg
IMG_4450 2.jpg
Donkey, sold.jpg
African Goddess.jpg
Owl on Medicine wheel_Northern Owl_ sold
NIght Fox.jpg
Motion copy.jpg
Lynx _Secrets_ .jpg
Lg Hummingbird.jpg
Intent copy.jpg
Hummingbird on Pink.jpg
half horse copy.jpg
Granny Goddess.jpg
gold fox, sold.jpg
Elephant, sold.jpg
Curious, sold.jpg
Blue Buffalo, sold.jpg
Chris's painting, sold.jpg
Bobcat copy 4.jpg
blue wolf, .jpg
Beauty, sold.jpg
gold hawk, sold.jpg
Granny Goddess.JPG
lg Racoon .jpg
barn owl, sold.jpg
Hawk, sold.JPG
Raven, sold.JPG
Snake copy 4.jpg
Mouse copy 2.jpg
lg Grizzley.jpg
Scottish Highland Steer.jpg
Rabbit copy 4.jpg
assorted 6" square bird paintings
4'x4' bull
Gold Leopard, sold.jpg
gold raven, sold.jpg
black jaguar
Gallery of Paintings: Photo Gallery
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